Designing and manufacturing mandrels and fixtures required for balancing

At WDB Ltd, no job is too small or too complex. We are able to manufacture custom designs based on your requirements, as well as reverse engineer drawings and components to replicate, manufacture, and balance.


Extensive machining services and facilities for design and manufacturing components

We offer extensive machining facilities on a range of large and small machine tools, with various ancillary equipment to suit your machining requirements.

Machine Services - Balancing and Repairs

Contract and one-off manufacturing backed up by CAD

Your WDB team will ensure you are provided with a high level of accuracy and precision at all times. Using CAD software, you will be able to visualise 2D and 3D drawings of your components before they are manufactured, giving you more control over the process, and fewer costly iterations.

Short lead time

We know what it’s like to manage short lead times without risking the quality of the final product. At WDB Ltd, we will work with you to ensure your time restraints are met without impacting the quality of service.

Machining Services

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