Expert advice on balancing provisions needed during designing and manufacturing

Balancing can improve a rotor’s performance and extend the life of the machine.However, this procedure is often not planned into the design stage of the manufacturing process.

Your WDB Ltd team will work with you during the design stage to advise on the best method of balancing, balance correction, manufacturing method and grade.


Industrial Balancing Consultants

Avoid redesigning and remanufacturing parts

Building in these provisions will prevent the need for costly remanufacturing of parts, unexpected downtime, and in turn improve a rotor’s performance and increase the life of the machine.

One-off prototype and development work

Using our expertise and specialist kit, we are able to balance test rigs and assemblies. This provides your designers and manufacturers with crucial feedback, allowing them to adjust their designs to improve reliability and machine performance during development.

One Off Prototyping Services

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