Detect and monitor chronic issues

Excessive and prolonged vibration, as well as the misalignment or imbalance of rotating elements can wear components prematurely, shorten their lifespan and create safety issues. Vibration monitoring allows you to detect these issues and react proactively, rather than reactively.


Why carry out vibration monitoring?

Reduce noise and vibration to avoid damage and extend the lifespan of rotating machinery

Form part of a proactive maintenance program for critical rotating equipment

Increase performance, quality, and productivity

Increase reliability and operational safety of your machinery

Save energy and decrease fatigue loading on the supports

Vibration Monitoring Services

Improve the lifespan of your machinery

At WDB Ltd, we use vibration sensors to monitor the vibration levels of all types of rotating machinery including fans, pumps and motors. Monitoring this vibration is key to eliminating common performance problems in order to extend a machine’s lifespan, improve accuracy, and avoid system failure.

Vibration sensors for a range of industries

At WDB Ltd, we offer AC and 4-20mA sensors. These sensors are both ATEX and IEC Ex certified for use in both Group I (Mining) & Group II (Petrochemical) applications and will also operate in environments of inflammable gases, fumes, chemicals, powders and dust.


vibration monitoring

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