Expert dynamic balancing service to meet your needs

Whatever your requirement, whether it is simply advice, high volume batch production, one-off development parts, or an occasional repair, the WDB Ltd team is on hand to provide you with an expert, professional, and cost-effective contract dynamic balancing service.


30 Tonne In-House Rotor Balancing Capacity

An in-house capacity of 30 tonnes

With our range of high-precision vertical and horizontal balancing machines, we are able to balance any rotating part. This includes rotor balancing, impeller balancing and fan balancing. We also specialise in a wide range of shaft balancing, ranging from a few grams in weight up to 30 tonnes. We work to ISO grade, and over a wide range of service speeds.

Over 50 years’ experience

A range of in-house, on-site, and plant maintenance and machining services, combined with over 50 years’ experience, means that our highly qualified site team and experienced engineers are committed to achieving the highest levels of accuracy and reliability for you every time.

Dynamic Balacning of Rotors up to 30 Tonnes
30 Tonne In-House Balancing Service Capacity

Detailed reporting, short turnaround times, and 24 hour breakdown service

As part of our service to our customers, you will be provided with a Certificate of Conformity as well as a detailed report on completion of the job. We will also work to short turnaround times to suit your requirements, and arrange delivery and collection if needed.

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