30 Tonne In-House Balancing Capacity

Dynamic Balancing

An in-house balancing capacity of 30 tonnes

All types of rotating parts can be accurately balanced on our high-precision machines, including rotors, impellers, fans, and shafts.

Specialist dynamic balancing with your team at WDB Ltd will improve the service life, accuracy, and quality of your machinery. We can identify and correct unbalanced components efficiently.

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Expert advice on balancing provisions needed during designing and manufacturing

Balancing can improve a rotor’s performance and extend the life of the machine.However, this procedure is often not planned into the design stage of the manufacturing process.

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Balancing Consultancy Services
dynamic balancing

Contract Balancing

Expert dynamic balancing service to meet your needs

Whatever your requirement, whether it is simply advice, high volume batch production, one-off development parts, or an occasional repair, the WDB Ltd team is on hand to provide you with an expert, professional, and cost-effective contract dynamic balancing service.

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Machining services

Designing and manufacturing mandrels and fixtures required for balancing

At WDB Ltd, no job is too small or too complex. We are able to manufacture custom designs based on your requirements, as well as reverse engineer drawings and components to replicate, manufacture, and balance.
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Dynamic Balancing Services in Action
Non destructive testing services


Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services keep your assets up and running by identifying faults and rectifying them early to avoid unexpected downtime. As we all know, inactive machinery inevitably leads to lost revenue.

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One-off Prototypes

Greater visibility and accuracy during development

Using our expertise and specialist kit, we are able to balance test and dynamically balance individual prototype components and assemblies.

This provides your designers and manufacturers with crucial feedback, allowing them to adjust their designs to improve reliability and machine performance during development.

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One Off Prototyping Services
On site balancing services

On-site balancing

Avoid costly downtime and loss in productivity

Our experienced engineers will carry out dynamic balancing using portable balancing equipment to identify and rectify unbalance in your machinery quickly and accurately in its installed position.

This avoids the need to dismantle and reassemble the machine which would result in costly downtime.

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Identify wear and tear, load imbalance, and damaged connections

Extend the life of equipment by locating anomalies in components prior to failure by precisely monitoring the wear and tear on bearings, conveyors, motors, pumps, compressors, electrical panels and connections.
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thermal imaging services
Dynamic Balacning of Rotors up to 30 Tonnes

Vibration Monitoring

Detect and monitor chronic issues

Excessive and prolonged vibration, as well as the misalignment or imbalance of rotating elements can wear components prematurely, shorten their lifespan and create safety issues. Vibration monitoring allows you to detect these issues and react proactively, rather than reactively.
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