Reduce downtime and increase productivity with non destructive testing

Our non destructive testing (NDT) services keep your assets up and running by identifying faults and rectifying them early to avoid unexpected downtime. As we all know, inactive machinery inevitably leads to lost revenue.


Non destructive testing services

Effectively determine quality issues in a non-invasive manner

Evaluate the reliability of your assets without damaging or rendering them unfit for purpose.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Detecting surface and subsurface flaws in ferromagnetic materials

Our magnetic particle testing service can be used for examining all types of components, from small items such as castings and forgings to larger in-service components. This method of non destructive testing can identify surface breaking and slight sub-surface defects such as cracking and pores, particularly in welds, which may cause reductions in durability and lifespan.

We are also able to offer MPI as part of our site services which include vibration analysis (VA) and crack detection (CD) of critical plant machinery. We often carry out VA/CD on impellers for glass furnaces, which assists the Plant’s preventative maintenance program.
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Magnetic particle testing and inspection services
NDT services

Ensure regulatory compliance

Achieve complete compliance with industry regulations by identifying any non-compliant components.

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