An in-house balancing capacity of 30 tonnes

All types of rotating parts can be accurately balanced on our high-precision machines, including rotors, impellers, fans, shafts and cranks.

Specialist dynamic balancing services from WDB Ltd will improve the service life, accuracy, and quality of your machinery. Find out more about how we can identify and correct unbalanced components quickly and efficiently.

Our capacity

30 tonne capacity in-house balancing machine

Vertical balancing up to 1000kg and 1500mm diameter in both single and two plane configurations

Horizontal balancing up to 30,000kg, 4000mm diameter and 8500mm length on both hard and soft bear

Extensive machining facilities on a range of large and small plant and machines

Balancing to ISO quality grades

Our in-house balancing capacity means we are able to balance any rotating equipment from just a few grams to 30 tonnes.

We can also achieve the lowest ISO quality tolerance over a wide range of service speeds.

ISO Quality Grade Balancing Services
Balancing Consultancy Services

Offering an unrivalled depth of experience

We have ISO9001:2015, AS9100 Rev D, and Safe Contractors accreditations, which helps guarantee the quality of our engineering ability and dynamic balancing services.

You will benefit from over 50 years’ of experience in the dynamic balancing industry, from our expert team who carry out balancing services to a range of industries worldwide.

An in-house dynamic balancing service that is second-to-none

We pride ourselves on our excellent service to our customers, with short turnaround times to suit your requirements and a 24-hour breakdown service.

On completion of the job you will be provided with a Certificate of Conformity and detailed reports to suit your individual needs. Delivery and collection can also be arranged for you if required.

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