What does the service entail?

As part of our bespoke industrial fan design service, our engineer will attend your site to establish your exact requirements, ensure that our industrial fans will be suitable for the job and determine any bespoke design modifications required. We will test the existing fans already installed on site to determine the exact duties required for a replacement unit(s). Where possible, we will supply industrial fans to the exact dimensions in order to save on costly duct modifications.

An efficient solution designed around your requirements

Our designs cover a vast range and arduous duties and our highly experienced engineers are available to discuss any particular design requirements with you. We will endeavor to supply the most efficient replacement fan in order to save on future power costs per annum for your company. 

An end-to-end service

We offer our customers a complete service from the initial enquiry stage through design, manufacturing, testing, and delivery to site. Our Technical Sales engineers are available for assistance regarding any fan application or services you may have, and if the project requires a hands-on solution, we’d be glad to assist with it on site. 

Power savings of up to 50%

Our case studies showcase some of the work we have carried out for a range of companies across the world, resulting in significant power cost savings and efficiency gain. Take a look at our case studies below:

Turkey: Energy saving of around 40%

The change of fans for this company has resulted in a 45% power saving giving a return on investment in just over one year.

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Romania: approx 25% in power savings

Take a look at how we enabled our customer in Romania to improve efficiencies and save circa 25% in electricity costs per annum.

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Bulgaria: 40% in power savings

The company was able to produce thinner glass, expand the range of glass produced, and saved 40% in electricity cost per year.

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Brick Kiln company in the UK: 50% saving on gas cost

This company approached us to help with the airflow into the brick kilns. We accomplished a 50% saving on the gas costs.

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