Whatever your application needs, our range of specialist industrial fans are proven to cater to all requirements.

You can rely on the team at Industrial Fan Services to provide you with a bespoke, reliable, and efficient commercial fan solution.



Industrial Fan Bespoke Design Services

Industrial Fan Services Ltd design and manufacture a large range of light, medium, and heavy duty centrifugal fans suitable for all industries.

Our fan systems will reduce power consumption and increase airflow efficiencies.

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Download our industrial fan brochures for more information on our full range of commercial fans suitable for all industries.

HP fans

Discover our range of HP High Pressure fans, including specifications, standard fan assemblies and drive arrangements, as well as information regarding direction of rotation and angle of discharge.

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BL & BA Fans

This brochure will provide you with details regarding our BL & BA range of heavy duty fans. Inside you will find information on typical fan specifications, direction of rotation and angle of discharge, motor positions vee rope drives, and drive arrangements.

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MV Fans Catalogue

This brochure will give you more information about our typical fan specifications and performance curves.

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What is a centrifugal fan?

A centrifugal fan is a specially designed fan for moving air or other gases from a certain space or location.

What are the different types of industrial fans?

There are many different types of industrial fans, ranging from industrial blower fans to heavy-duty industrial extractor fans. These types of systems are perfect for any large commercial or industrial space, including warehouses, factories and kitchens, and can serve a number of purposes. We can design, build, install and service a specialist fan system to meet almost any requirements.

Some of the fan systems we specialise in are:

MV Fans

MV fans otherwise known as Multi-Vane fans. These feature forward-curved blades to help clean the ai

BL Fans

A BL fan or Backward Lamina fan boasts backwards-curved blades. These are particularly good for general clean air and light dust movement. They can be used for a wide range of applications.

BA Fans

BA fans or Backward Aerofoil fans. This type of fan has backward aerofoil blades. They are commonly used in air management systems where a large volume fan with high efficiency is needed. These include commercial buildings and car park ventilation.

BC Fans

BC fans or Backward Curved fans. These have slightly higher efficiency than BL fans, but not as high as BA fans. They are non-overloading and particularly good for general clean air and light dust movement.

HP Fans

HP fans or High-Pressure fans are clean air, low volume and high static pressure fan system. They are cost-effective and ideal for combustion burners.

Discover how our customers have achieved success through our specialist fan services.

Bulgaria: 40% in power savings

The company was able to produce thinner glass, expand the range of glass produced, and saved 40% in electricity cost per year.

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Turkey: Energy saving of around 40%

The change of fans for this company has resulted in a 45% power saving giving a return on investment in just over one year.

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Romania: approx 25% in power savings

Take a look at how we enabled our customer in Romania to improve efficiencies and save circa 25% in electricity costs per annum.

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Brick Kiln company in the UK: 50% saving on gas cost

This company approached us to help with the airflow into the brick kilns. We accomplished a 50% saving on the gas costs.

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