Whatever your application needs, our range of industrial fans are proven to span almost all requirements. You can rely on us to provide you with a bespoke, reliable, and efficient solution.



Industrial Fan Services Ltd design and manufacture a large range of light, medium, and heavy duty centrifugal fans suitable for all industries to reduce power consumption and increase airflow efficiencies.

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HP fans

Discover our range of HP High Pressure fans, including specifications, standard fan assemblies and drive arrangements, as well as information regarding direction of rotation and angle of discharge.

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BL & BA fans

This brochure will provide you with details regarding our BL & BA range of heavy duty fans. Inside you will find information on typical fan specifications, direction of rotation and angle of discharge, motor positions vee rope drives, and drive arrangements.

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MV fans catalogue

Discover our range of MV fans from sizes 400-1200. Inside you will find typical fan specifications and performance curves.   Fill out the form below to download our brochure  

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Discover how our customers have achieved success through our specialist fan services.

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