Industrial Fan Accoustics


Providing all types of acoustics for fans to meet industry regulations

Our acoustics for fans provide high performance and low sound levels. As part of our complete package service, we offer all types of acoustics to meet the demanding regulations now imposed on industry.

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Avoiding damage from vibrations

To avoid transmission of any vibration to steel structures or concrete footings, anti-vibration mountings are essential. Without these mountings, the impact of vibration can cause gradual weakening and potential failure of your machinery.

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Anti Vibration Mounts for Industrial Fans
Industrial ATEX Fan Systems

ATEX fans

Controlling explosive atmospheres

ATEX is the name given to the legal requirements for controlling explosive atmospheres and the suitability of equipment and protective systems used in them. Essentially, ATEX is an acronym for ‘Atmospheres Explosible’.

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Centrifugal Fans

Industrial Centrifugal Fans – A reliable and efficient solution

What are centrifugal fans?

A centrifugal fan refers to a mechanical device that is used to move or extract air as well as other gases from a specific area, usually workspaces and wearehouses.

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Centrifugal Industrial Fan Manufacturer UK
Industrial Fan Damopers


Reduce costs and lengthy lead time

Causing resistance in a system, dampers allow airflow to be controlled, resulting in power saving. They are heavy duty, all-welded fabrications with standard design for vastly reduced engineering costs and shorter lead time.

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Flexible Connections

Bespoke and highly resistant flexible connections

Industrial Fan Services Ltd can provide you with flexible fabric connections and compensators for the most challenging of applications. Designed to absorb movement and are lightweight and easily manageable, composites can be made up to be unaffected by high temperature or extreme cold, abrasion, and oils or chemicals.
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Flexible Connectors for Industrial Fan Systems
Specialist Industrial Fan Systems

Special fans

For duties beyond the capabilities of standard fans

When it comes to projects which require particular specifications that may not be covered by industry standard designs, you can reply on Industrial Fan Services Ltd to design and produce special fans to suit their application.
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Vane controls

Accurate control and power saving

Variable inlet vane control (IVC) dampers are often used for capacity modulation. They give accurate control and power savings over other styles of dampers for reduced air flow. Inlet guide vanes are synchronously adjustable and can be made either automatically via an adjusting element or by hand.
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Vane Controls - Industrial Fans

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