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Magnetic Rotor Balancing

Rotor balancing is a complex task, however, if performed correctly it can significantly increase the lifespan and performance of your machinery. In this post, we investigate why it is important to use dynamic balancing for magnetic rotors?

What is meant by dynamic balancing for magnetic rotors?

Magnetic rotors are integral to high performance, highly efficient electric machines in a range of industries including:

  • Aerospace and defence
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Energy regeneration

When we perform dynamic balancing on a magnetic rotor, we essentially examine the component for any damage or defects which may affect the performance and lifespan of the machinery that it is intended for or used within.

Why should I have a magnetic rotor dynamically balanced?

Magnetic rotor balancing is essential for many reasons. For instance, the majority of magnetic rotors operate at very high speeds and require very tight tolerances. Surprisingly, even the smallest amount of unbalance due to centrifugal forces during rotation will cause the assembly to vibrate. If left undetected, and as the rotational speed increases, so will the vibration, resulting in damage and premature component failure.

Dynamically balancing the magnetic rotor assembly will remove or minimise imbalance, allowing the rotor to run without vibration, at higher efficiency and in turn, extend its lifespan.

Why choose WDB Ltd?

With over 50 years of experience delivering exceptional dynamic balancing services, the WDB Ltd team have consequently acquired an unrivalled depth of knowledge across a range of industries.

We are able to achieve extremely tight tolerances, using specially made non-magnetic equipment. Our handling expertise and use of protective materials mean that we can significantly reduce the risk of foreign object damage (FoD) during balancing.

In addition, our high-precision balancing machines have the capacity to dynamically balance any rotating part from just a few grams to 30 tonnes. We also balance to any ISO grade such as G0.4 to G6.3, and over a wide range of service speeds.

How do you improve the service life of your magnetic rotor assembly?

Specialist dynamic balancing will improve the service life, accuracy, and quality of your machinery by efficiently highlighting unbalanced components, saving your money in the long-run.

An in-house dynamic balancing service that is second-to-none

We pride ourselves on our excellent service to our customers, with short turnaround times to suit your requirements and 24-hour breakdown service. On completion of work, you will receive a Certificate of Conformity. As well as detailed reports to suit your individual needs. Delivery and collection can also be arranged for you if required.

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