As part of the UltraFan team, we had the pleasure of attending the Rolls-Royce Rotatives’ Supply Chain Launch event earlier this year. The ultrafan is and always will be the epitome of engineering. Keep reading to discover more about the Rolls Royce UltrFan.

When will Rolls-Royce UltraFan launch?

Predicted to launch in 2025, the ground-breaking UltraFan engines aim to overcome the challenges faced by the aerospace industry by delivering further fuel efficiency, and reductions in CO2 emissions and engine noise. This will be achieved by evolving Rolls-Royce’s unique three-shaft engine architecture and improved technological advancements to achieve the highest overall pressure ratio of any commercial turbofan engine ever made.

What will WDB Group be doing to help the UltraFan development?

Our team at WDB will be balancing fast-make development parts with quick turnaround times to support the testing programme.

Here’s to shaping the the future of aerospace and making air travel more environmentally friendly.

Learn ore about the Rolls-Royce UltraFan.



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