Non destructive testing services

What is non destructive testing?

Non destructive testing (NDT) is a method of inspecting a machine’s components without physically damaging and rendering them unfit for purpose. Early detection of these issues can prevent the need for costly and extensive repair work, as well as loss of productivity due to unforeseen downtime.

Other methods of NDT testing can be carried out via:

  • Liquid penetrant inspection: very versatile and is not restricted in any way by the geometry of the components under examination
  • Radiographic inspection: capable of penetrating steel up to a depth of 2 inches and aluminium to a depth of 8 inches over normal exposure times
  • Ultrasonic inspection: ideally suited to the detection of imperfections in thicker sections of materials where radiographic examination may be impractical
  • Magnetic particle inspection: a method for detecting surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials

What are the benefits of NDT for your business?

1. Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Non destructive testing allows you to evaluate the condition of machinery quickly and accurately without impacting the operations of your business. As downtime can be hugely costly, NDT keeps your operations up and running even during testing.

2. Save on costs

NDT provides you with key insights into the condition of your assets – this means you are able to preempt any repair works, preventing operational downtime before problems which may be costly arise. In addition, regular maintenance work in line with the findings can also save you money on repairs in the long-term.

3. Effectively determine quality issues in a non-invasive manner

A range of NDT techniques can be used to identify surface and subsurface faults on equipment without having to actually cause any damage that will affect its reliability, structure, or quality.

4. Ensure compliance with industry regulations

The safety of your team is hugely important – NDT evaluates the reliability and stability of your machinery, ensuring it’s fit for purpose and use in order to avoid any potentially disastrous malfunctions or accidents. In addition, this will have a positive impact on your team’s productivity as they know their environment is safe to work in.

The accurate readings from the NDT testing also ensures your assets and processes comply with industry regulations and standards, meaning no costly fines for non-compliance. As a result, you will also be safe in the knowledge that your appliances, machinery and equipment are performing in the way they should be, with reduced risk of breakdown and threat to the safety of your team.

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