There are many different types of industrial fans. These are all boast unique designs and such are used for many different applications across a range of industries. These include pharmaceutical, waste management, glass manufacturing and food manufacturing. But what are the differences between the different industrial fans and what their uses? Industrial blower fans and commercial extractor fans can come in many different forms, depending on its application. We detail a few below:

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans (or ‘blowers’) rely on blades to extract air and gases at right angles and spin the air outwards radially and outwards. This type of industrial blower can operate effectively in environments that have both high pressure and extreme temperatures. They provide a stronger and more stable air flow than axial fans.

How does a centrifugal fan work?

A number of fan blades sit around a hub on the centrifugal fan unit – the hub turns on a driveshaft which runs on bearings in the fan housing. The gas enters from the side of the fan wheel which turns 90 degrees. The centrifugal force causes this to accelerate as it flows over the fan blades and exits the fan housing as illustrated below:

What are centrifugal fans for?

  • Harsh conditions where there is dust and debris 
  • Air pollution control systems
  • Dust control
  • Air conditioning units
  • Furnaces

Centrifugal Fans

Axial fans

Axial fans extract air which is then forced in a parallel direction to the shaft, causing the blades to rotate. They create low-pressure, high volume airflows, making them highly suitable for general purpose applications to move air from one space to another. 

Axial Fans

What are axial fans used for?

  • Moving air from one space to another
  • General purpose applications
  • Cooling confined spaces i.e. computers
  • Cooling larger spaces i.e. workplaces

High Pressure fans (HP)

HP fans or High Pressure fans are a low volume and high static pressure fan. They are cost effective and ideal for combustion burners.

High Pressure / HP Fans

Multi-vane fans (MV)

MV fans otherwise known as a Multi-Vane fans. These feature forward-curved blades to help clean the air from factory locations. They are considered as a low pressure fan and are typically used as a flue fan and other light applications.

Multi-Vane / MV Fans

Backward curved fans (BC)

BC fans or Backward Curved fans. These have slightly higher efficiency than BL fans, but not as high as BA fans. They are non-overloading and particularly good for general clean air and light dust movement.

Backward Curved / BC Fans

Backward lamina fans (BL)

A BL fan, or Backward Lamina fan boasts backward incluned blades. These are particularly good for general clean air and light dust movement. They can be used for a wide range of applications.

Backward Lumina / BL Fans

Backward aerofoil fans (BA)

BA fans or Backward Aerofoil fans. This type of fan has backward aerofoil blades. They are commonly used in air management systems where a large volume fan with high efficiency is needed. These include commercial buildings and car park ventilation.

Backward Aerofoil / BA Fans


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