With the steep rises in gas prices over the past year, saving on energy costs by ensuring your industrial fans are running efficiently is hugely important.

Cut The Cost of Industrial Bills

Energy costs on the rise

Wholesale gas prices have risen steeply over the past year due to a squeeze on gas and energy supplies. In January 2022, the price was almost four times higher than early 2021 (ONS, 2022). Industry predictions suggest gas prices could go up by as much as 50% by April 2022 and rise again in October when the cap is next reviewed. 

How do you prevent energy wastage in industrial environments?

In order to save on your own energy costs, ensuring your industrial fans are running efficiently is hugely important. So, how can you identify and prevent energy waste?

  • Having the correct type of industrial fan for its application: the substance that will be moving through the blades of the industrial fan will determine the type of fan you’ll need
  • Monitoring the control of the system: the use of dampers to regulate flow indicates the control of the system – if they are set at a part-closed position, seek advice on the best way of slowing the fans down to allow the dampers to open fully, operate more efficiently and in turn save money
  • Monitoring any maintenance and production indicators: breakdowns, excessive vibration, noise or heat, an unstable or difficult to control system, too much or too little flow or pressure for production, a regular need to weld ductwork cracks

What are the benefits of upgrading your industrial fan system?

The benefit of upgrading your fan system would be power saving, both on the motor which would be IE3 (premium efficiency) or IE4 (super premium efficiency), and on the fan itself. In some cases, we can replace fans with higher efficiency units. The type of fan would indicate the maximum efficiency of the units, these are:

Multivane: 60% max

Plain Backward Inclined: 70% – 74%

Backward curved: 82% -85%

Airofoil: 84% – 87%

How can WDB Group help your business save money?

At Industrial Fan Services Ltd we can supply heavy-duty, high efficiency (up to 87%) fans designed to meet your performance requirements which can be manufactured from standard mild steel up to high-grade alloys depending on the application. Our fans cover a very large range of volume and pressures as well as very high temperatures. These include:

Centrifugal fans

ATEX fans

Specialist fans in exotic materials

Our team at WDB Ltd can help extend the efficiency and lifespan of your machinery through a proactive maintenance programme including regular vibration and machine condition monitoring. Preventative maintenance such as this can also improve performance, create a safer working environment and save on energy consumption.

In addition, we can also offer:

Site commissioning

In-situ balancing

Laser shaft alignment

NDT (3 part dye penetrant testing)

Impeller repair and replacement

Bearing repair and replacement

Service contracts (including all the services listed above)

Our track record

We have worked closely with multinational companies looking to improve efficiencies of their rotating equipment and reduce costs. An example includes furnace glass cooling fans on-site in Turkey which could not meet the pressure requirements that were needed at the present time. We attended site, measured the airflow and pressure of the existing units that were running at 3000rpm.

In response, we supplied 4 new 500kW fans to produce 20% more pressure for the highest pressure requirement, and at the normal operating pressure, save them power. The company was able expand their product range with the additional pressure provided, and due to the efficiency gain saved circa 40% in power costs per annum which meant the fans were amortized within 12-18 months.

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