Renewable energy

At Industrial Fan Services, we design and manufacture a range of light, medium and heavy-duty centrifugal fans for the renewable energy industry which offer up to 86% fan efficiency and up to 50% savings in power costs.

The typical fans required, and which we would normally supply to renewable energy companies, include:

  • Main Induced draught Fans (BL, BC)
  • Material Handling Fans (PB, RT, RB, OX, HPPB)
  • Forced Draught Fans (BL, BC, DN, D, DNA)
  • Combustion Air Fans (D, HPR, HPHE, BC)
  • Cooling Air Fans (BL, BC, MV)
  • Dust Filtration Fans (BL, BC, HPR, HPHE, RT)

We can supply fans designed to the customer’s performance requirements covering a very large range of volume and pressures as well as very high temperature fans manufactured from standard mild steel up to high grade alloys.

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industrial fan system for renewable energy industry

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