Power Generation

Industrial fans used in the power generation industry are required to operate at extremely high temperatures, for a wide range of applications.

Centrifugal fans are quiet, sturdy, and reliable, boasting the ability to perform extremely well in a wide range of environments and conditions. At Industrial Fan Services Ltd, our centrifugal fan systems are all energy efficient and therefore kind to the environment, helping our clients to reduce energy consumption and thus the carbon footprint of their businesses. 

We have worked closely with multinational companies in the power generation industry. We recently worked with a petrochemical company based in Dubai, UAE where we designed, manufactured, and tested 316 stainless steel, gas tight centrifugal fans with a temperature of 200°c.

This industry requires high efficiency fans such as our BL, BC, and A ranges with all standard mild steel fans suitable for up to 450°C with the addition of a bearing cooling impeller.

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industrial fans for the power generation industry

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