Founded in 1869, Robinson Brothers manufactures fine chemicals and rubber accelerators used for products such as surgical gloves, making them a key supplier during the COVID-19 crisis.

Robinson Brothers requested we attend their site in West Bromwich in February to measure up and quote for replacing a centrifugal fan in an acoustic booth as well as ducting and a damper to suit their existing system.

What we did

We were asked to quote for replacing a like for like systems as well as an upgrade for 304 stainless steel as this would give a longer life for the system has it handles chemicals, the customer went ahead with the upgraded stainless steel option which we manufactured and supplied to their site in parts to allow for them to assemble and replace their existing system.


The process this fan and ducting is being used in is the chemicals used for manufacturing surgical gloves which obviously at present are a much needed and essential product.

Robinson Brothers

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